Lunar Pages, had the best match of features for my needs.

For $7.95/month paid annually, I get 350GB storage, 3500 GB/Month transfers, PHP 4 and 5, and developer tools such as Ruby. I have full control over scripts to run, there is a good selection of scripts available to install with minimal configuration (questions about my business name, contact name, etc, but no configuring MySQL or editing script files). Can host 10 separate web sites in the one account. By checking the ping times I could tell the server is responsive. They showed up on several review sites with consistently good ratings.

When I installed PHPList, uploading a megabyte of data took about half the time, consistently, that it took on a site someone else hosted on Yahoo, so I switched their mailing list project to my site.

If you are going to switch web hosting companies, or if you are setting up a new site, please click on

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