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Google Site Kit Not Connecting in Brave Browser

Brave is based on the Chrome browser, but has security and ad-blocking turned on by default. You get faster browsing speed, and your Internet data usage decreases.

Google Site Kit plugin is a low-resource way to connect your WordPress site to your Google Analytics account.

The Google Site Kit plugin, Site Kit by Google – Analytics, Search Console, AdSense, Speed requires a small part of Brave’s speed settings to be temporarily turned off.

Error You Get

Site Kit Version 1.95.0 on WordPress Version 6.1.1 using Brave browser

“Site Kit wants additional access to your Google Account”, click Continue. says

Error: Bad Request
missing parameter: ‘code’

Steps to Enable Google Site Kit Connection in Brave

  • In Brave, Settings, Shields, disable “Auto-redirect AMP pages”
  • Browse to the initial Google Site Kit Dashboard, and refresh the page
  • Log into your Google account following the prompts
  • Since “Universal Analytics” is getting retired, connect first to your GA4 token. Then you’ll be prompted to connect to your UA token.

Now you should Connect without any issues.





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