Can you Verify an Email Sender?

Remember, everyone, the “Reply To:” field is Easily faked. 

Looking at that is Not a way to check whether an email is legitimate.

Your email reader software (whether a website or an app on your phone or an app on your computer)

should indicate whether an email passes some validation (e.g. DMARC, DKIM, SPF) or not. 

Do not click on links in an email. 

The “link text” can show anything, different than the link address

Verify the link address has no “tricky characters” in it.

Copy the link address to your clipboard, paste it into a text editor (preferably with a mono-spaced font like Fira Code) and verify it.

Or, browse to your “known important site” your normal way (e.g. your bank) and read the message directly on the Real site.

p.s. Fira Code is on Google Fonts , free to install on your computer, easy to set your programming editor and spreadsheet to use it. It was designed so all the “look similar” characters, such as a one and an el and an eye, are easily distinguished.

I use Kate for “general text” and Visual Studio Code (very powerful programmer editor, free, cross platform, the only Microsoft program I use ) as my editors, and LibreOffice as my spreadsheet, all with Fira Code font.





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