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Expert Technical Guidance to Making & Selling Online Courses

Welcome to George Lerner’s dedicated WordPress troubleshooting and training, for the modern entrepreneur, especially coaches and online course developers.

Are You This Dynamic Entrepreneur?

You’ve poured your heart and soul into your coaching practice, meticulously crafting engaging online courses that have the potential to transform lives. Yet, the digital and technical challenges of marketing and maintaining your website leave you feeling adrift in unfamiliar waters.

  • You desire a prosperous business that not only attains financial milestones but also makes a meaningful difference in your community.
  • You yearn for the confidence and assurance that every aspect of your online presence is handled with expertise.

How I Can Empower You

  1. Tailored Marketing Strategies: Specializing in assisting coaches in developing compelling online courses, setting up sales funnels, and implementing winning marketing tactics.
  2. Seamless Technical Support: Entrust me with the intricacies of website maintenance and updates. You focus on coaching; I handle the tech.
  3. Robust Technological Foundation: Together, we’ll ensure your website runs efficiently, captivating and retaining your ideal clients.

Your Dreams, Realized

Your business represents more than mere ambition—it’s a vision, a dream, a legacy. Understandably, you face worries and challenges:

  • Fear of falling behind in a dynamic digital ecosystem.
  • Anxiety about losing potential clients due to website missteps.
  • The unsettling feeling of overlooking key marketing opportunities.

By collaborating with me, we’ll rectify these concerns, optimizing your site, devising marketing strategies for your ideal clients, and establishing a durable technological base. Let’s bring your business vision to fruition.

A Glimpse into George’s World

Beyond the spheres of WordPress and marketing, my passions extend to health, mental well-being, chess, swing dance, climate action, and sustainable energy innovations. With a holistic worldview, I ensure your venture doesn’t just prosper—it flourishes.


George has been instrumental for my venture. His acumen in WordPress and marketing propelled my online courses to unparalleled success.

An online course creator client

The digital realm was daunting, but George’s guidance instilled in me newfound confidence and capability.

Engage with the Community

I’m a proud member of the Arizona WordPress Meetup community, lauded for my in-depth technical notes. It is an active WordPress support community, with several Meetups every month (in person and streamed), and a Slack channel for asking WP questions.

Dive into some of the events and workshops I champion.

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Thank you for stopping by. Together, we will forge the path to your digital success.