Implement Your Marketing and Training Programs

A lot of people would love to market more effectively. Or take powerful actions from that real estate workshop. Or take their team to the next level, using the new team management course you took.

If you are thinking about Internet marketing in some way, or are actively marketing, I would like to talk with you.

Note: If you have the new Product Launch Formula version 3, I’m very interested in helping with your launch. I am currently (July 2010) managing all the tasks for a launch, and as I do this launch I can begin helping you get ready for yours.

Implementing What You Learned

Very few people who take a big workshop, or buy a powerful training program, or get a home-study course, whether it’s on Internet marketing, or real estate, or sales, or management, ever get most of the great material implemented. “Great course! Uhh, what do I do now?”

I’m very good at making clear action plans from “all those courses we’ve taken”, and leading people through them, step by step, even through the scary parts, so we can get what we wanted when we bought the courses.

Making the Computer Stuff Much Easier

I’m also good with the “computer stuff” that’s essential for marketing well (installing scripts, setting up blogs, starting web sites, getting information into and out of databases, editing audio). The stuff that so many people dread, or that stop people even when they know what to do, because it is so much work.

I am an expert at using WordPress for business, for marketing, in ways that are easily used by everyone involved.

I also have Butterfly Marketing software, that many top marketers use to implement their marketing and product launches.

Most people are not interested in doing that computer stuff. They’ll struggle through it if they have to. And many people who could do it, shouldn’t be putting a lot of time into doing it, when it would be better for them to focus on what is next to build their business.

Let’s talk!

As we talk, we will quickly find out how I can help you get what you want from that big program you took, and what implementing it well will bring your organization.


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