Copying iPhone Files to/from OS-X or PC

Software to copy music, pictures, files between your iPhone and Computer. Most of the best solutions are cross-platform (OS-X, Windows, and sometimes Linux). All are free or inexpensive. Copying is much faster using USB transfers than WiFi.

Cross Platform (PC or OS-X)

iPhone Explorer also available from CNET Downloads iPhone Explorer OS-X and iPhone Explorer PC

iPhone Explorer lets you use an iPhone or iPod Touch as if it were in disk mode or a flash drive. iPhone Explorer is an iPhone browser for PC/Mac that lets you browse the files and folders on your iPhone as if it were a normal USB flash drive or pen drive. You can use the very easy drag-and-drop methods to add or remove files and folders from the iPhone. Compatible with all iPhones and iPod Touches including the new 3GS and 3.0 firmware. Works with or without jailbreaking. Free

DiskAid is a tool for PC and Mac  which enables the use of iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch as an external mass storage device. DiskAid gives access to the device’s file system, allowing to transfer, copy, edit or rename  files and folders on the iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch directly from the desktop. Using a USB connection, it is the safest and most reliable way to access device’s files and folders. Used with FileApp  or FileApp Pro transfered files and documents can easily being accessed on the device.
iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch Compatible. $9.90


* USB file transfer, Copy Files & Folders between your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch and your Computer
* View files on iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad with FileApp & FileApp Pro
* Automatic applications and folder discovery
* File Sharing support with all compatible applications on iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad
* PC Windows (XP, Vista, 7) & Mac OS X (Leopard, Snow Leopard) compatibility
* Supports iPhone V1, 3G, 3G S and 4!
* Supports iPod Touch V1, V2 and V3!
* Supports iPad!
* Auto detection feature, just plugin it in !
* Files and Folders Browser
* Drag & Drop files and folders
* Double click on files for quick view (launches appropriate application)
* Device’s free memory displayed
* Create shortcut to any file or folder
* Feature rich file organization including internal move, folder creation, renaming… etc.
* File & Folder information window
* Access any application supporting File Sharing
* No jailbreak needed (except for Root folder access)
* Supports iTunes 9.2.X
* Supported iPhone OS versions : 3.0 to 3.2, iOS 4.0
* New: iPhone OS 3.2 compatible
* New: iOS 4.0 compatible

* I have 2 computers, one at home and one at the office.
You only need a single license, it’s ok to use one license on 3 computers/laptops that you own at home plus your dedicated workstation at the office. If you have more than 3 computers, institutional licensing policy applies (see below).
* I have 2 computers, a Mac and a PC.
You need a single license that will work on both types, no problem.


Senuti automatically compares all the songs on your iPod or iPhone to your computer’s iTunes library. Any song that is already on your computer will be marked with a blue dot.
# Playlist Transfer – With a simple drag and drop motion, transfer specific playlists directly from your iPod to iTunes on your computer.
# Video Transfer – On the iPod and iPhone, videos work just like songs — so they will show up and transfer in Senuti with your music.
Mount an iPad, iTouch or iPhone to USB disk mode on a Mac. Phone Disk is a tiny program which runs in the system tray of your Mac. When it finds an iPod Touch or iPhone it seamlessly mounts it to your file system so you can directly access files on it using Finder or any other program. Free


PC (Other programs I found):
Easily transfer music, video or playlist from iPod and iPhone onto your computer and into iTunes. Recover your music in iTunes after your computer crashes by transferring the music on your iPod or iPhone back to your computer. Preview music and movies on any iPod before transferring it into your iTunes library. Use the Automatic Transfer button to instantly select, and then transfer all songs on an iPod that are not already in your iTunes Music Library. Easily copy a whole or partial playlist from any iPod into iTunes. Prevent duplicate transfers: Tracks already in iTunes are indicated with a blue check. All track info gets transferred including the track Play Count, Rating (out of 5 stars), Album. Quickly find the tracks your looking for with the Pod to PC search bar and filter options. $19.95
iPod to Computer Transfer or Computer to iPod Transfer is what you are trying to do MediaWidget Easy Ipod Transfer, is what you are looking for. Whether your computer crashed, broke, or was stolen or if you simply bought a new computer, or want to share your iPod content with a friend MediaWidget can help you transfer your iPod content back onto your PC. MediaWidget is an easy to use iPod transfer utility designed to help you get your iPod contents off of any iPod and back into iTunes. And, unlike many other competing products, we can help you put content from your computer back onto any iPod. This allows you to share your iPod music, photos, videos and podcasts with a friend, or to use your iPod on multiple PCs. MediaWidget is the quickest and easiest way to copy all of your music, videos, photos, podcasts, and more from your iPod to PC.
Free trial, 10 songs transferred per session, $24.99
Transfer iPod to iTunes – rebuild iTunes library. Transfer iPod music, videos, podcasts, audiobooks, movies, home made videos and ringtones directly to iTunes. Import playlists, artworks, ratings, play counts, date last played, and date added back into iTunes. Copy iPod playlists and iPhone smart playlists while preserving song order within playlist. Import iPhone artworks automatically into iTunes. Import iPhone videos, podcasts, audiobooks, movies, TV-shows and ringtones to their iTunes categories. Backup iPod podcasts to iTunes including subscriptions.
250 track transfer trial, $19.99
Transferring songs/music, videos from iPod to computer, or copying videos and music to your iPod while maintaining the original iPod files seems like an impossible task? Not anymore, 4Media iPod to PC Transfer can do all for you, including the latest iPod nano 5. 4Media iPod to PC Transfer can transfer your favorite music and videos from iPod to PC, iPhone to PC, iPod to iPod, iPod to iPhone, iPod to iTunes and iPhone to iTunes. It also enables you to use iPhone as a portable hard drive. 4Media iPod to PC Transfer does not only let you transfer videos, music, photos, podcasts, and TV shows from iPod to PC and vice versa, but also allows you to copy files from iPod directly to iTunes.


What’s new in this version:
Version supports iPhone 4.
TouchCopy enables you to copy music, playlists, podcasts, and videos from your iPod or iPhone to your PC or directly into iTunes. It also transfers your album art, ratings, play counts and other song data. Music and video can even be played through a computer without the need to have iTunes installed. There is also a backup option, enabling users to save all their iPod music, movies and playlists at the touch of a button.


In addition to all this, TouchCopy also lets you to view and copy iPod and iPhone Photos to your PC, including photos and videos taken on your iPod or iPhone camera. Also, save your games from your iPod to your computer or directly back into your iTunes library. Those who like to combine work with leisure will find the capability to manage and copy iPod and iPhone notes, contacts, calendars useful too. Recent updates also added the ability to copy voice memos, voice mails and iPhone SMS and MMS. TouchCopy truly is the all-in-one iPod and iPhone utility.



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